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CBFL Programs

  1. Jr Docent Application
  2. Jr Docent Teacher Form

    Applicants for the CMM Junior Docent program must be between the ages of 13 and 15 at the time of application. These students are... More…

  1. Jr Docent Parent Form

CMM Internal Forms

  1. Press Release/Poster/Flyer Request Form

    For requesting advertisement material for upcoming museum events. Included are posters, flyers, press releases, web banners, etc.

Dee of St. Mary's

  1. Dee of St. Mary's Plank Holder Program

    As one of the very few skipjacks ever built on the Western Shore, and one of only a handful of surviving skipjacks, we need your help... More…

Exhibit Feedback

  1. River to Bay Exhibit Feedback

    Tell us what you think of the River to Bay exhibit. Please fill out the survey below and click SUBMIT.

Gift Membership

  1. Holiday Gift Membership- W/O LovePop

    This year, consider giving friends, family, neighbors, and teachers the gift of membership to the Calvert Marine Museum. A gift of... More…

Gills Club

  1. Gills Club Registration

    GILLS CLUB – A NEW PROGRAM FOR GIRLS AT CMM The Calvert Marine Museum is proud to announce the addition of a new free program for... More…

Group Visitation

  1. Group Visitation Registration Form

    All group contacts must fill out this form within 1 week of receiving a confirmation date from the museum.

Staff Use Only Forms

  1. General Work Order

    General Work Order not specific to any department or project type.

  1. General Work Order 2

    General Work Order not specific to any department or project type.